Roirdan Beagles

Some of our Champions

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 CH Roirdan's Cabaret (13")


CH Roirdan's DBG After Midnight Northwood (13")   "Luna"

CH Honkytonk's Roulet (13")


BIS CH Roirdan's Carmencita of DBG (13")



BIS CH Roirdan's Meant To Be (13")



Ch Roirdan Lanbur Deal Me In Cantlon (15")



Ch Roirdan Lanbur L L Bean (13")




Ch Roirdan's Lethal Weapon (15")



Ch Roirdan's Sierra Mist (15")


Ch Roirdan Crystal Skye's the Limit (13")




Ch Roirdan Magnolia's Hi Performance of DBG (15")   "Indy"

 Ch. Roirdan Lanbur Sin City (13")


BIS Ch. Roirdan PT Cruiser (15")



 Ch. Roirdan Lanbur Carousel


Ch. Roirdan's Take It To the Limit (15")


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Roirdan Beagles

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